Saturday, February 09, 2008

Time, don't run out on me

I was thinking...

perhaps time is the biggest illusion of all. We sure give it a lot of importance but have practically no understanding of what time actually is or even means. Although it is a yardstick of our lives - it is in essence a poor one, having nothing to do with quality - only quantity of minutes and days. Even though each second that passes is still only a second, a measured space, the speed at which we expend our lives is relative and yet it is not. I find even the painful parts pass far too quickly.

I recently lost my watch. A somewhat expensive and status(y) kind of watch. I hope whomever has found this lovely gem has wrists as tiny as mine. I sincerely want them to enjoy the time that it is theirs as they metre out the days of their lives.

I am currently learning to live with out constantly consulting my left forearm so that I might know what to do next and in what sequence. This could be liberating.


Bob said...

Hi Smarts!

Some say time is a crocodile eating into our lives.

Some say time is the Great Librarianin the Sky:sooner or later putting everything back into its proper place.

Ms Dare2dv8 said...

I have two things to say:

First: What a great post. Well done. As usual. (Corollary to first thing: Bummer about the watch.)

Second: Your hair is so long and you look fantastic!

I'm glad you're in my gene pool.

Terri said...

Sorry about your watch! I haven't worn one in a few years and it's very liberating. Let's face it..there are clocks everywhere, and where am I ever besides the office, home, or the car where i would really need to know the time and not be able to find it (other than spending 4 hours Superstore...oops!)?

:) Hope you are well. Like the photo...such a pretty lass!

Your internal clock will improve.