Thursday, September 20, 2007

If you've been wondering where I am/how I am... still here! Just mostly too tired to speak. The first few weeks of school are like that every year. Most days are just not long enough to get it all done!

This week has been particularly difficult. I've been battling a cold and sore throat (all those kid germs resurfacing) and exhaustion. Last night I was as low as low could go! Pretty close to my breaking point and I consider myself to have high tolerance. So I went to bed at 9 and got up at 7 feeling much better. Overtired is a place I really have to keep myself out of - it is my enemy to be certain.

Tonight I stayed late at school and sorted things out for next week. Having never taught grade 3 before, there are so many missing pieces in my mind construct of how it should all be done and even questions with regard to what needs to be done!

On the up side, I'm loving my kids. They're full of mischief and I wouldn't want them any other way! And at 8, they are blissfully unaware that I don't have my shit together.



Ms Dare2dv8 said...

I finally made it back here. :)

love you

Anonymous said...

When I was eight I was in love with my teacher.

One time she told us to spend the lesson reading. I got so interested in my book that I didn't hear her telling us to stop reading at the end of the lesson. I suddenly became aware that the other pupils were laughing at me and then she turned on them in a temper and admonished them....explaining that it was a sign of my interest in the book that I hadn't heard her.


Ms Dare2dv8 said...

I'm giving up facebook and returning to blogging. Strangely enough, it's far more sane in here.

Have I told you I miss you lately? I really do. Especially when my kid acts like you and makes me laugh out loud.

I thought you should know that she's a public pooper. I'm proud of her for that. :)

Smarts said...

Hey Rob, I'm not sure if any of my kids are in love with me (yet) but one boy did tell me he thought I was wierd! I'm quite certain he meant it as a compliment.


Are you ready to blog again? I sure miss your words.

Smarts said...

Hiya Ms.D, glad you came back into the light!

Miss you too!