Tuesday, March 13, 2007

So here is my party update.

Lame. Very lame. A whole lot of middle age, overweight, sexually excitable not been laid in quite some time cougar chicks ready to pounce. Not pretty.

However, the night was not completely doomed. I did go to the only nightclub in town and managed to stay out until 5 am! Haven't done that since hooking up with "the gays" (truly, shaking it with the gays is the only way to club in style). I'm certain any gays in town would be fearful for their lives to visit this hang!

I did my best to learn the two step. Who knew 2 steps could be so challenging. On the upside I did have a 6 foot 3 hunk-a-hunk of burning love showing me the moves. I'm only slightly embarrassed that I stepped all over his feet. I assure you the feel of those strong hands twirling me about made my discomfort over the rhythm disappear. (Totally get why people have affairs).

Other than that, I'm back to my day job as school marm.

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