Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Okay, so I am here. I have lots to share but my computer is not yet hooked up.

The trip went well. Will leave it at that for now.



terri said...

here where? with j? can you let me know your email address? just email through my blog. a while back, i sent you a big email to sympatico or whatever, but it got bounced back. i assume you closed that account or maybe i made a mistake on the address. anyway, can you email me to confirm i have a current email address for you??? hope all is going to you xo

Smarts said...

Hi T, I've emailed you twice through your blog, have you rec'd?


Smarts said...

i am going too the carnival.

savanna somerville

Smarts said...

angela says it is time to eat pancakes.

savanna somerville

Rob said...

Come on Smarts what are you up to?

Smarts said...

Hi Rob, just trying to keep a 7 year old entertained.